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How it works

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OYSTA aims to provide an individualized and convenient approach to manage symptoms and medication, to facilitate communication to caregivers and physicians, and to improve quality of life.

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OYSTA strives to enable optimized dosing of medication based on solid patient reported data, making it easier for physicians to improve adherence, adjust treatment, and monitor progress.

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OYSTA aims to provide an economic advantage due to titration and dose adjustments within one prescription and provide real-world data about usage patterns related to efficacy, adherence, and non-medical use.

OYSTA® aims to revolutionize the way how patients take their medicines by combining pharmaceuticals with e-health technology to enable intuitive, precise, and flexible dosing.

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OYSTA Dosage Manager

The OYSTA Dosage Manager is the core technology of OYSTA. The device is designed to dispense oral solids formulated as pellets, which allows for flexible and precise dosing of medication.

The Device consists of three main components:

1. Control Unit
The Control Unit is a reusable, rechargeable, electromechanical, and connected unit. It controls dosing and connects to the App. It is operated through buttons and shares information through a display.

2. Cartridge
The Cartridge acts as the primary package of the medicine. It is pre-filled with medicines formulated as pellets. When combined with the control unit, a patent-protected mechanism enables the flexible and precise dispensing of the pellets.

3. The Cup
The right dose of medicine is dispensed into the cup, from which the patient can take it orally.

OYSTA Digital Service: Mobile Patient App

The OYSTA Digital Service includes a mobile patient app as an important component for supporting therapy management and promoting adherence.

The Dosage Manager connects to the mobile app, allowing for convenient communication with the physician, while adding treatment enhanced functionality, sensor connection and biomarker tracking to support the care journey.

The application is built with the patient in mind, easy to use and quick to understand allowing for a quick onboarding. 

This allows the patient to start interacting with their new treatment journey in a matter of minutes, enabling a seamless connection between patient and physician. All this while maintaining the patients´ data integrity, security, and safety in one place.

OYSTA Digital Service: Web Portal for Physicians

The second essential component of the OYSTA Digital Service is a web portal for healthcare providers. The OYSTA web portal can help providers reduce the time and effort required to monitor the effectiveness of the treatment and make more informed treatment decisions.

The core features include Smart FHIR integration, which allows physicians to access and manage patient data securely and efficiently.

In addition to Smart FHIR integration, the portal also offers drug dose adherence data, allowing physicians to gain valuable insights into their patients’ medication adherence. The patient communication feature provides an easy way for physicians to communicate with patients and manage patient relationships more efficiently.

The OYSTA web portal boasts a user-friendly interface and powerful features that make it an ideal solution for physicians, whether they’re solo practitioners or part of a large healthcare organization.